General & Special Recycling

The University of Richmond utilizes a single stream recycling program meaning that all recyclable material can be placed in the same recycling bin. Recycling bins are located throughout campus and are marked with signage indicating the types of materials that can be recycled, including the items listed below.

  • Paper (e.g., newspaper, copy paper, magazines and posters)
  • Plastics #1-7 (e.g., cups, jugs, bottles and food packaging labeled with the recycling icon and #1-7) 
    • Plastic bags and packaging should not be recycled in these bins – they can clog recycling machinery. 
    • No Styrofoam
      • Many Publix stores, however, have bins for Styrofoam recycling. If you are a Publix customer, you can call a store near you and see if a Styrofoam recycling bin is available at a particular location. Publix in The Village shopping center near campus, does offer Styrofoam recycling.
  • Aluminum (e.g., soda/soup cans and aluminum foil)
  • Cardboard (e.g., non-greasy pizza boxes, cereal boxes, boxes, and paper towel and toilet paper roll cores)
    • If your pizza box has any food or greasy residue, please consider one of the compost collection bins on campus for disposal.

Behind-the-Scenes Recycling

While you might not see it, there is a lot more recycling going on!

  • Auto tire and battery
  • Scrap wood
  • Scrap metal
  • Cardboard
  • Yard waste
  • Books
  • Construction and demolition
  • Universal waste

Items that aren’t compostable or recyclable, or items that are unclear, should be placed in landfill bins located throughout campus. Like the landfill signs say, “If it’s unclear, put it here.”