Where Can I Compost?

Dining Locations

Heilman Dining Center (HDC)

HDC has made great strides toward reducing food waste and composting everything that’s left. HDC has been participating in some level of pre-consumer composting for years. Since 2022, HDC has been composting all post-consumer food scraps that come back on the dish return. Annually, this has resulted in tens of thousands of pounds of organic waste diverted from the landfill.

Retail Dining Locations and Concessions (Tyler’s Grill, 8:15 Cafe, Passport Cafe, Lou’s Cafe, and Organic Krush)

All retail dining locations and concession stands have switched to some, if not all, compostable to-go service items. There are still some items out there that are not compostable. Most compostable to-go items will be labeled “compostable” or “compostable in a commercial composting facility.” These items can absolutely go into our compost collection bins. All retail dining locations on campus have compost collection available either near the seating areas or just outside the main entrance to the cafe.

It is up to all of us to make sure we are aware of what items go where. Throughout the semester, you will see the Rethink Waste team out on campus at our retail dining locations. They are there to help anyone and everyone learn which items go where. Make sure you know where it goes!

Campus Events

Many campus events will have compost collection available on site. All of the same rules apply. As noted above, generally speaking, if something was once alive it can be composted.  If you’d like to discuss having compost collection available at your event, please contact David Donaldson.

Across Campus

Rethink Waste continues to work to bring compost collection to all of campus. Starting in Fall 2023, all students who live in the University Forest Apartments or the Gateway Village Apartments will be eligible to participate in our residential composting program. 

Many offices have started collecting compost in their kitchens and break rooms. There are also compost collection bins in other strategic locations around campus such as the Forum, outside of Tyler Haynes Commons, and the Rethink Waste House/Spider Exchange.

If you have more ideas or if you’d like to talk about how we could integrate compost collection into your time on campus, please contact us at rethinkwaste@richmond.edu