You may have seen or heard about “composting” or “compost” on campus, but maybe you aren’t quite sure what that means. 

Generally speaking, if something was once alive it can be composted. Food scraps? Check. Dying flowers from a friend? Check. Wooden coffee stirrers? Check. Coffee grounds? Check. The cutlery and straws from Tyler’s Grill and our other campus cafes? Check. Chicken wing bones? Check. Pizza boxes covered in grease and cheese? Check, check, check. All food scraps, to-go items labeled “compostable” or “GreenWare,” wood, yard waste, paper, cardboard, and most other things that were once living can go in our campus compost collection. If you’re ever unsure, please either reach out to or place your item in the landfill collection. Checking when you aren’t certain will help us control the contamination of our organic waste stream.

Items that aren’t compostable or recyclable, or items that are unclear, should be placed in landfill bins located throughout campus. Like the landfill signs say, “If it’s unclear, put it here.”